"As a stressed out medical student, I am constantly moving and always hunched over studying. Over time this has led me to have some of the worst neck pain. Thankfully, I found Kelly! After just a single massage, my neck pain and most importantly my migraines have decreased in both pain and frequency. If you want someone who can actually help you heal and not just gently rub your muscles, then this is your massage therapist."

-Erica J. 

"When Kelly was merely a massage therapy student, I was fortunate enough to be her practice 'guinea pig' and at that time she was more thorough and seemed more knowledgeable about my muscle issues than any paid massage therapist I had seen previously. Her extensive knowledge in anatomy and interest in helping others has been the reason that she is so excellent at her job. Kelly can not only find your overused and abused muscles and help you with an excellent healing massage, but she will also give you some tips and easy stretches to do at home to minimize the chronic daily pain. She is an Awesome massage therapist!"

-Cindi D.  

"Absolutely fantastic!! Kelly has great hands and is very skilled at working out my many knots and leaves me feeling more relaxed than I have in weeks. Amazing."

-Kim F.

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