Massage Membership

Much like exercise, massage is most effective when it occurs regularly. 

Each month when your membership dues are paid, one 60 minute massage is added to your account. You may extend your session to 90 or 120 minutes for an additional charge. Additional massages are offered at a discounted rate.

Membership also allows you to sample other massage modalities such as cupping, hot stones, etc. for no additional charge.

Monthly Membership $90/month

Includes one 60 minute massage each month

Annual Membership $1080 

Includes one 60 minute massage for each month PLUS two bonus 60 minute massages


+ 30 minutes $45*

+ 60 minutes $90*

Additional Massages

Want more than one massage a month? Additional massages are discounted off our regular rates. 

60 minutes $90 (regular $120)*

90 minutes $135 (regular $180)*

120 minutes $180 (regular $240)*

* When booking online appointments will show regular pricing, but will be adjusted at the time of appointment.