Functional Medicine

Phone Consultation 10 minutes - Free

During this call we will determine if Growing Wellness is the right fit for your healthcare needs, as well as determine what services and which practitioner is the best match for you. 

New Patient Appointment 90-120 minutes - $250

Includes vitals, problem-focused exam & initial treatment(s). You will receive a secure message with the recommendations and a custom treatment plan within 48 hours after your initial appointment.

Follow-up Appointment* 60 minutes - $150

Includes a progress check & both active and passive treatments. May include altering your treatment plan based on how you are progressing. *Requires a New Patient Appointment be completed first.

During your appointment:

You and Dr. Kelly will discuss what small, buildable changes you can implement to make achieving your health goals easy and manageable. Recommendations may include changes to your routine, altering your diet, adding supplements, specific physical movements, mind-body exercises, etc. 

Your doctor will determine which treatment(s) to use based on the exam, your history, and your diagnosis. Different treatments may be recommended at different appointments based on your progress. All treatments will be discussed with you prior to being performed and will only be performed with your consent.

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